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                                A WHOLE NEW WAY TO FEEL LIKE A VIP

                                At every step of your journey, we want to help you do the things that matter most. That’s why we’ve partnered with Live Nation New England and Crossroads Presents to get behind some of Boston’s most iconic music venues. The best part? Our customers get exclusive perks like presale tickets and skip-the-line privileges. All it takes is a Citizens Bank debit card or credit card (and maybe some ear plugs).

                                The Perks

                                PRESALE TICKETS

                                With a Citizens Bank debit or credit card, you can buy tickets to great live shows and performances through Ticketmaster before they go on sale to the general public. Your offer code is the first six digits of your Citizens Bank debit or credit card.

                                View presale tickets for Citizens Bank Opera House

                                View presale tickets for additional venues

                                VIP LINE

                                Spend less time waiting and more time rocking. Just flash your Citizens Bank debit or credit card at the entrance marked “Citizens Bank VIP Line”. Then stroll on through. You’ve always been a VIP to us. Now it’s official.

                                The Cards

                                CITIZENS BANK DEBIT CARD

                                Don't have a checking account and debit card? We can fix that.

                                Open a checking account

                                CITIZENS BANK CREDIT CARD

                                Don't have a credit card? We can fix that.

                                Apply for a credit card

                                The Venues

                                The FAQs